Value of TM Forum Open APIs across industry verticals

Executive interview with Philip Stander

Value of TM Forum Open APIs across industry verticals


COVID 19 caused major shifts in business models nationally and internationally, with in some cases, devastating consequences and in other cases major opportunities for companies to transition towards demand-based strategies leveraging technology to establish and participate in digital platforms.


Hybrid- and cloud-based solutions with state-of-the-art API integration platforms are leading the race towards customer value, choice and convenience, holistically integrating propositions in line with customer demand. Philip Stander has been leading the transition to demand-based technology solutions over the last 20 years, enabling customers to right-size their technology platforms with ease of scale and unblocking the multiple obstacles organisations face today in terms agility and speed to market.


“Open APIs deliver interoperability between different vendor systems at the enterprise system integration layer and also enables channel aggregation at the customer engagement layer” indicates Philip Stander. This interoperability can unlock the agility required by organisations in a world where Digitisation, Deregulation and Globalisation are now recognised as the new market forces that shifts and disrupts markets continuously. The establishment of an API-centric IT organisation enables rapid leveraging of IT assets at the process and experience layers of the organisation to deliver differentiation by using Systems of Record in unique new process and customer engagement patterns.



Listen to an interview with Philip on how he has lead Globetom to become an international player in this field.




Philip Stander has been in the ICT industry since 1993 in various software design development and management roles. He has a passion for the growth of the South African ICT sector to be stablished as recognised, globally competitive innovators. He lives out this passion in Globetom, a company he co-founded in 2002, aided by a talented team of highly skilled professionals. Philip holds a Bachelors Degree in Computer Science and a Master’s Degree in Chemistry from the University of Pretoria which he obtained Cum Laude, as well as a Master of Arts in Leading of Innovation and Change from York St John University which he obtained in 2015.


We will be staging a number of interviews with our directors over the next couple of weeks – showcasing and explaining how they enabled our customers internationally to drastically increase speed to market while decreasing costs.


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